A Large Manufacturing Giant’s Journey from Skilled Manpower Shortage to Apprenticeship Programmes

ALPLA a company whose core business is in Packaging, Bottling, Caps and Injection molding parts and Preforms , A bold statement, but one which is almost certainly true: Everyone encounters an ALPLA product at least once a day. Because ALPLA accompanies us around the world and around the clock in the form of an unlimited variety of plastic packaging items for the most diverse contents - from shower gel to engine oil, detergent to lemonade.


With the changing era when companies are focusing more on their core competencies, striving to create talent in one organic domain rather than making their hands on other none core areas, the main challenges faced are as follows :
  • Serious shortage in skilled manpower
  • Educated youth are more inclined towards other sectors
  • Hiring Managers are not confident in hiring inexperienced candidates

Why ALPLA adopted NETAP?

  • Every challenge that comes the way brings with itself a new revolution, a new culture, a change in traditional thought process.
  • The answer to Talent challenges faced by ALPLA was Apprenticeship Program.
  • As part of an integrated training and development strategy, implementing an apprenticeship scheme was an ideal way with ALPLA to develop their talent pipelines.