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Hiring in tech sector expected to pick up early next year

The demand for tech professionals with specific skills remains high, encompassing artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, cybersecurity, cloud computing, digital marketing, and e-commerce.

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The Week, September 20, 2023
India’s Auto Sector Anticipates 70-80% Surge in Apprenticeship Programmes

We believe that apprenticeship programs are the foundation of skilled talent development in the automotive industry. The extension of the PLI scheme, with its ₹25,938 crore investment, is a testament to the sector’s immense growth potential.

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News 18, September 20, 2023
Skills you require to become a successful HR in the modern-day landscape

To adapt to the changing needs of organisations in the evolving HR landscape, individuals must continue to adapt, learn and stay updated with industry trends.

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The Economic Times, September 15, 2023
Ai skills gap widens as demand for talent soars

According to industry data, the demand-supply gap for AI professionals, evidenced by approximately 45,000 open positions, underscores the urgent need to address the skills deficit, which stands at around 51%.

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Bizz Buzz, September 13, 2023