Financial Services

The dynamic market scenario calls for new strategies and new age technology

The Indian financial services sector is undergoing rapid growth and is boosting the economy. The increment in FDIs and the rising growth of incomes is driving the demand for various financial services. Advancement in technology, quick implementation of projects, enhanced spending on infrastructure, improved reforms and so many other factors have poised India’s banking sector for rapid growth.

These factors have also enabled the BFSI sector to have a competitive edge in comparison to many developing nations. Innovative banking models and new measures by the RBI have strengthened the financial sector of our country and have set the path for sustained growth ahead.

The dynamic nature of financial services sector brings about various challenges yet equips companies to adapt new strategies and technologically innovative solutions. Our expertise in the domain, effectiveness in the implementing solutions and efficiency in cost optimisation has enabled TeamLease to drive immense value to the BFSI sector for more than decade. .

Our clientele ranges from provincial small and medium enterprises to multinational corporations spread across the world. We have a multi-disciplinary team of specialists with local and global knowledge on the BFSI sector. With the aid of this diverse team, we explore partnerships with various companies by providing high-quality, technologically-enabled and holistic services that drives sustainable value.


Putting Behind the Issues of Labour Arbitrage, Regulatory Fear and Confidentiality Risks

Through the course of time, the BFSI sector has taken a major shift and staffing services are proving to be a key aspect to their business. Labour arbitrage, regulatory fear and confidentiality risks have been issues of the past. Now, staffing solutions in the market can help the BFSI industry drive scale, flexibility, and compliance. Adoption of latest technology caters to drive efficiency in operational activities.

Examples Of Our Work

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In The Media

“Mobile banking, digital payment platform, etc. has enabled the microfinance institution to reach the clients which are in the rural, semi-urban areas more effectively, and thus has reduced the barriers related to physical distance...."

Krishnendu Chatterjee

VP & Business Head

Wion News, April 03, 2024

“Tax relief stands as the most prominent expectation, with a strong desire for increased basic exemption limit from the current Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 5 lakh, which will significantly reduce the tax burden for…

Balasubramanian A

VP & Business Head

Money Control, January 09, 2024

“The likelihood of layoffs in India in 2024 is unlikely except for specific sectors being affected. Over 35,000 people have lost their jobs at Indian startups in the last two years. Job cuts might be…

Kartik Narayan

CEO - Staffing

Business Insider, January 03, 2023

"Despite a slower pace in Q3, the upward trend in employment isn't merely about increasing head counts; it's a strategic move to leverage economic growth and take advantage of conducive policies.”

Kartik Narayan

CEO - Staffing

Times Of India, December 13, 2023