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The Indian staffing industry has grown to an extraordinary level, especially in the area of being a third-party payroll service provider. Staffing services in India has shown much activity with the growth of business & commerce and is poised to make a giant leap in the coming years. The staffing industry in India essentially provides a platform for recognized employment, work choice, reasonable compensation, annual benefits, and health benefits for the temporary workforce.

The industry has grown by 14% from FY2022 to FY2023 . The integration of AI and automation is creating new jobs while eliminating or replacing old ones. Start-ups in emerging industries like EV are contributing to job creation. However, the job market is experiencing turbulence due to talent wars and skill gaps.


This implies that the employment landscape is majorly driven by government policies, demographic changes, a rising Industry 4.0, and increasing globalisation. These factors will have an insurmountable impact on industries such as BFSI, automotive, pharma, and IT. These industries have already started showing a rise in the adoption of evolutionary technologies and have reported both a considerable change in existing job roles as well as creation of new jobs.

For instance, the automotive sector has witnessed the role of a welder being eliminated due to efficient applications of big data analytics and robotics. Industries that are looking for people with renewed skill sets and professional attitudes, which they often find is not available in the current talent market, This demand is led by the increasing opportunities with the emergence of digital innovation.


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India has emerged as one of the largest countries for flexi-staffing with the industry estimated to grow to 9 mn by 2025. Staffing companies are helping employers bring the cost down effectively by handling applications, background checks, payrolling process, etc. We work on a shared relationship model between our clients and associates. Our approach highlights the profiles in various business functions.

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