Journey of an Emerging Leader in Data Center and Cloud-based Services of Onboarding Sales Personnel in 60 Days

NxtGen is an emerging leader in data center and cloud-based services that help empower businesses to grow by cutting through complexity and saving on cost. Their advanced solutions can be provided both from our own High Density Data Center (HDDC™) facilities or deployed at On-Premise Data Centers (OPDC™) that are managed centrally. Enterprise Cloud Services™ (ECS) provide private and public clouds or hybrid cloud infrastructure hosted on OPDC™ or HDDC™. NxtGen’s advanced infrastructure enable companies to simplify IT infrastructure, reduce running costs, and enable business growth by creating additional capacity from existing infrastructure. By providing the right public or private infrastructure, NxtGen helps companies meet dynamic business demands.


NxtGen was setting up their Data Center operations in Bangalore, India and as phase one needed to recruit the sales engine. They needed 30 plus qualified and experienced Sales personnel to be on-boarded with 60 days.

What teamlease Did

Teamlease offered the Project RPO approach for the Phase one hiring to be completed with SLA based approach for the positions to be filled with in 2 months Turn around. Teamlease deployed a dedicated backend team with Key account manager handling the transitional aspects of the client. The team had solicited immediate joiners, Candidate in notice periods etc. to fill the urgent positions.

Teamlease had done the quality assessment for the given criteria and rolled out an internal assessment process which made sure the client had 3 : 1 ratio on selection of candidates. The candidates were presented along with evaluation forms to the hiring managers for better results. Given the short timeframe to hire Teamlease adopted a multi-prong approach to source candidate and adopted the POFU process to ensure minimum attrition and offer back outs. The overall joining ratio has been at 94% for the offered candidates. The candidates were hired with in the given timeline of 60 days to on board which gave the business team of NxtGen a project kick off to go to market.