Employment Outlook Report HY1 (April – September 2020)

Across categories and sectors, the intent to hire was highest for businesses in Metro and Tier-I cities at 19% for current HY from 13% during the lockdown in comparison to 14%, 11%, and 10% for companies based in Tier-II, Tier-III and rural areas respectively.
With respect to hierarchy, the overall sentiment was highest at 29% for senior-level hiring followed by 18% for mid-level, 16% for junior, and 6% for entry-level. In terms of functional area, the intent to hire was highest for blue-collar workers at 29 percent.
The sentiments for hiring in HR, office services, engineering, IT, marketing, and sales departments were at 8%, 15%, 11%, 16%, 9%, and 14% respectively.
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