Jobs & Salaries Primer Report 2011

Key findings:

A mixed bag of goodies: Hiring gains traction following a small uptick over the last year and zips ahead at 17% towards the last quarter, a rate of growth last seen half a decade ago.
Increment rates are up: A liberal regime that favours sought after skills and talent pushes the median salary increment to 7.3%, up from 5.25% in 2009.
Digging skills: More industries, than ever, are going after a highly skilled workforce. Multiple clusters of high-skilled, high-paid profiles have mushroomed across industries and in 12 of the 14 cities covered.
IT ahead of the pack: The Information Technology industry is back in the reckoning after almost 3 years of staying in the shadows. Temp hiring is up 19% for IT and salary increments are between 10% and 12%.
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