Professional Education Versus Vocational Skilling: What Pays Better?

The 2012 edition of the TeamLease Jobs and Salaries Primer – an annual report we bring out – sprung a surprise. The analysis showed up a sharp rise in salaries of a bunch of blue collar job profiles. Further exploration proved that the phenomenon was not restricted just a handful of job profiles.

Many Blue Collar profiles commanded salaries that were appreciably higher than those for White Collar profiles, if not similar. The differential was observed for many job profiles and ranged in magnitude from nil to significant.

In this research report, we explore salary data related to vocationally skilled blue collar job profiles and those related to professionally qualified MBAs and Engineers. The comparison is aimed at identifying specific sectors and job profiles where salaries have either achieved equity or where salaries for vocationally skilled profiles have even overtaken either those for Engineers and / or those for MBAs.

The Inflection Point
The report objectives are to understand –

  • How salaries compare between vocationally skilled profiles, Engineers and MBAs
  • Carry out the comparion by sector and record observations of where the salary inflections lie
  • Draw broad and sector specific conclusions about salary trends

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