Hot jobs for millennials

Research finds that millennials, born between 1981 and 2000, make for top-notch product designers, store promoters, and research specialists.

Most employers are well aware that the problem isn’t so much attracting Millennials as it is keeping them over a long period of time. To that end, the key is to make it a workplace that is fulfilling to the needs of younger employees- those needs include flexibility in terms of work-life balance, learning & development opportunities and room for rapid growth.

The list also includes new career opportunities thanks to the advancements in technology. Many of the jobs on the list didn’t exist a few years ago, jobs like digital marketing manager and web production leads.

Here are the Top 10 Jobs to explore in 2016

1. Web Production Lead – annual median salary 7.5L, Growth Outlook – Positive

Why is it in demand – Complete ownership of the task from start (submitting the task in the queue) to end (till it goes live)

2. Simulation Engineers – annual median salary 4.5L, Growth Outlook – 4%

Why is it in demand – fast product development, lower testing needs which is highly time consuming, Identify high-value features and technology for simulation products

3. Research Specialist – annual median salary 4.25L, Growth Outlook – 16%

Why is it in demand – Potential Testing skills to research on new drugs, devices and biologics. The tremendous increase in medical technology and information, Improved and streamlined the clinical research programs with most research methodologies in order to shorten the development timelines and control the cost for new product development.

4. Product designer – annual median salary 4.0L, Growth Outlook – Positive

Why is it in demand – India has become the hub for design outsourcing and for foreign corporates and MNCs who are seeking help of Indian design companies to execute quality goods, Indian companies are also increasingly designing their own products n hence recruiting more designers in the sample endeavour.

5. Design Engineer (UniGraphics) – annual median salary 3.5L, Growth Outlook – Positive

Why is it in demand – Research new Developments and innovations with original, Turn those research ideas into technical plans, Consider cost, effectiveness and safety of new designs.

6. Sales Executive (PUF Panels) – annual median salary 3.2L, Growth Outlook – Positive

Why is it in demand – Create brand awareness in the market through online & offline Marketing tie-up, initiating various offline activities through corporate tie-ups, Selection and forming alliances with new channel partners.

7. Store Promoter – annual median salary 1.5L, Growth Outlook – Positive

Why is it in demand – Conducting lectures, using films, charts, and/or slide shows, Create a positive image and lead consumers about usage of the product, Distribute product samples, brochures, flyers etc. to source new sales opportunities, Collect Real Time feedback, Quick Implementation of Actions on feedback to generate sales.

8. Digital marketing Head – annual median salary 30L, Growth Outlook – 70000 Jobs

Why is it in demand – To meet the growing demand amid a sharp increase in the number of people accessing the internet, It is critical for such companies to have the right person to lead the digital marketing team, Companies across sectors are ramping up their digital marketing teams and the job profile is slowly but surely attracting more attention because it’s seen as relatively stable and talent is as yet scarce.

9. Back office – annual median salary 3.0L, Growth Outlook – Positive

Why is it in demand – Handle customer’s call/queries/mails and provide them effective solutions at ground level, support the existing customers in terms of providing the accurate data, guiding them regarding various investment/financial plans.

10. CNC machine engineer – annual median salary 5.15L, Growth Outlook – 17%

Why is it in demand – Engineers can take advantage of the cost savings accrued by using high end machines to turn raw materials into final products with a high level of accuracy and efficiency what most of the other jobs doesn’t suffice the objectives.

The demand for these jobs is gaining enough steam that institutions of higher education are paying attention and developing some course materials.


Kunal Sen

Senior Vice President

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