Temporary Jobs Sees a Spike During Festive Hiring

The festive spirit has once again swept across the nation! It’s the perfect time for a shopping extravaganza! While consumers indulge in the shopping season, businesses gear up to expand their customer base. Consequently, the period from August to November is India’s peak hiring season. Thus, like every year, this year too, a lot of Indian firms from various industries like Telecom, Retail, BFSI, Hospitality, along with E-commerce and Logistics, are engaging in bulk hiring for temporary jobs to brace for an expected upswing in seasonal consumer spending behaviour. This impact is particularly notable in staffing firms, as they play a crucial role in helping companies meet this demand efficiently and cost-effectively. They provide access to a flexible and qualified workforce, allowing businesses to navigate seasonal peaks while maintaining operational excellence.

Festive fervour breeds jobs in these industries

Smartphone manufacturing companies: Smartphone manufacturing firms are anticipated to generate around 60,000 direct employment opportunities within the country over the next 6 to 12 months. This aligns with India’s rise as the world’s second-largest mobile handset producer. The government’s initiative to transform India into a manufacturing hub is projected to produce around 270-300 million smartphone units this year. The increased demand for domestically manufactured phones will also drive a need for logistics and packaging services, leading to further indirect job opportunities within these sectors. Kartik Narayan, CEO – Staffing, TeamLease, said, “We are expecting 40,000–60,000 direct jobs in phone manufacturing pan India by March 2024. India has over 200 mobile manufacturing units. It is the second-largest mobile manufacturer in volume terms. This is leading to a huge demand for manpower.”

Hospitality: “Staycations,” “workcations,” and solo trips now shape curated travel experiences. According to employment website Indeed, India’s travel and tourism sector has rebounded post-pandemic, with hospitality job postings surging by 66% between June 2022 and 2023. This marks a significant recovery from the previous decline, offering hope for the industry’s future and boosting job seekers’ interest by 3%. Top cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru lead job postings, while tier 2 cities like Mohali and Coimbatore also see rising demand, each at 4% amid the festive hiring bustle.

Retail, E-commerce & Logistics: The trading community is gearing up to meet the festive hiring demands. E-way bill volumes, omnichannel, and 5G revolutions all further fast-tracked consumer demand and sales strategies. These festivities’ demand and supply are pushing staffing requirements to unprecedented highs as companies use the occasion to advance their diversity agenda. There are almost 3x women hiring during this mega shopping festive season. There is an in-demand for female warehouse and delivery personnel to meet the mid-mile and last-mile workforce. Industry experts say female delivery partners have at least 10–20% higher productivity than their gender counterparts. As a result, hiring women in temp roles has consistently seen a jump. The e-commerce and logistics sector is estimated to hire a significant workforce of around 300,000 employees. As per Balasubramanian A, VP & Business Head, TeamLease Services, “Over the last quarter, several prominent e-commerce players have announced their bullish plans for this festive season.” 

BFSI: The BFSI sector is experiencing a surge in credit card sales, personal finance, and retail insurance due to increased consumer spending and economic confidence. This is expected to create around 50,000 temporary jobs in the second half of this year as BFSI firms expand their workforce to meet growing demand. Speaking about this increasing demand, Krishnendu Chatterjee, VP and Business Head, TeamLease, told Moneycontrol, “As credit card transactions surge, personal finance applications proliferate, and India’s digital payment landscape flourishes, we are poised for a dynamic job market over the next 5–6 months.”

The seasonal hiring landscape becomes more competitive

A wider set of organisations is increasing the demand for temporary jobs. Employers looking to fill seasonal roles are now competing against gigs like giant e-commerce firms, cab service companies, and fulfilling food delivery orders. However, the manpower crisis is a significant challenge. It takes work to quickly process many applications and documents so the workers can be on-boarded on time. So, how do you solve this glitch? Companies can excel by implementing best practices in the competitive seasonal hiring landscape. This includes collaborating with staffing companies and streamlining recruitment processes to manage the spike in seasonal workforce volume hiring.

Employers typically tackle seasonal hiring by bringing on more recruiters, an option that is only sometimes viable. Festive hiring strategy is essential due to evolving workforce dynamics and the changing nature of work. Organisations can navigate the challenges of bulk hiring while maintaining efficiency, quality, and a positive candidate experience.

Some of the below approaches are necessary to address challenges and capitalise on opportunities in the modern job market:

  • Amp-up digital marketing is the go-to tactic
  • Leverage AI-powered screening for swift application filtering
  • Organise virtual interviews to save time and resources
  • Opt for a mobile-friendly approach
  • Choose a pre-screened candidate from a talent pool
  • Identify bottlenecks and optimise the entire hiring process
  • Address the festive rush with strategic staffing

Simplify festive demand staffing

The festive season is a consequential spending phase, and companies must be well-equipped to set the ball rolling for prosperous celebratory months. The surge in recruitment during this period not only addresses heightened consumer demands but also shapes the dynamics of the job market. As businesses strategically onboard staff for temporary jobs to handle heightened consumer engagement, this festive period highlights the relationship between consumer behaviour, job opportunities, and economic advancement. Thus, organisations must ensure they have the necessary resources to meet the skilled and productive staff demand.

Our extensive nationwide footprint enables us to tap into a diverse and highly skilled talent pool spanning every corner of India. With a presence across the country, we have the unique advantage of accessing top-notch professionals and experts from various regions, enriching our organisation with a wealth of cultural perspectives, experiences, and expertise. This pan-India presence strengthens our ability to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional services to clients nationwide.

At TeamLease, we streamline recruitment by connecting organisations with a skilled talent pool with specific skills needed for the job. We are also specialists in recruiting blue-collar talent – ready to join as a temporary worker. Our Jobs and Salaries Primer Report 2022-23 presents in-depth insights on blue-collar workforce skill set demands, job roles, and salary structures specific to various cities. It serves as a valuable resource for employers and job seekers, aiding them in making well-informed choices throughout the hiring and job-seeking processes.

Connect with us to navigate your staffing challenges. Get access to a skilled talent pool for your hiring volume, and keep your sales engine running smoothly throughout this festive season!


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