The Flying Carpet- Leading you to a distribution channel revolution

Are you looking out for a better and more formalised manpower for your distribution channel that can join the dots for better and more productive output? Are you tired of paying the cost of the shadowed manpower, but are not sure if that is giving you the expected results? Are you pondering upon the weak spots that might be loitering in your distribution channel? Are you tired of micro-managing staff for shadowed manpower? Is the answer to the above questions a big Yes? Did you wish you could focus on your trade, on your business more, rather than worry about your distribution channel manpower? Is it eating up your time, money, energy and even the resources?

What you now need, is, The Flying Carpet (The GAPS framework), which could be leading you (businesses) to a distribution channel revolution, especially now that the competition is too high and the consumer market is up. The Flying carpet, which, in this case, can quickly or instantaneously carry its workforce (The Aladdins) with your products to its consumers. The workforce (The Aladdins) additionally has the magical Genie (Smart Staffing Solutions Company- That knows the problems of the workforce and knows when they need what to make them more professional, formal and productive at work) If you are not careful, there might be a Jafar (The issues in your channel) lurking in the dark, disturbing your distribution network, without your knowledge.

Do you agree that you need a carefree, hassle-free workforce which has several Alladins? Wait no more? Smart staffing solutions which bring you to a ‘GAPS Framework’ is critical for you, especially now. One of the pioneer staffing solutions, working towards a formal mission and a cause, of #PuttingIndiaToWork, revolutionises ‘GAPS’, a solution to revolutionise your distribution channel.

What is the GAPS framework and why is it important for you?

Trade marketing and Omni channels are at the crossroads which need to go towards the GAPS framework for formalising the channel workforce. Would you not want your trade marketing to soar high? Shouldn’t the omnichannel be seamless and effortless, ultimately bringing high-quality customer satisfaction and experience? With these in mind, sectors especially FMCG, FMCD and Consumer Healthcare, could eye in keeping businesses cost-effective, help to map products in demand, and consumer requirements along with the workforce driving a productive environment.

GAPS: Ghost Employee Elimination, Attrition Reduction, Productivity Enhancement with Tech, Statutory Compliance. GAPS framework in light of new labour codes as these would be eliminating complexities associated with setting up and running businesses, further enhancing and providing a seamless distribution channel.

A)) In these, Ghost Employee Elimination is associated with when companies find it tough to keep track of real versus ghost employees as they would be employing a huge network of distributors, including informal workers. If the entire workforce is formalised fully– companies can save big money by eliminating non-existent employees.

How do we eliminate Ghost Employees? Transparency helps in the long term: Do you agree? With the formalisation of the workforce, much stronger employee retention and company growth in the longer term can be safeguarded. creation of a more inclusive workforce environment, filling the much-needed GAPS framework so as to formalise is essential. This will result in enhanced channel sales workforce effectiveness.

Smart staffing solution becomes cost-effective and with the formalisation can transform the lives of blue-collar workers in a very positive manner, helping people build careers from a range of varied skills and social security benefits.

Flexi staffing gives several engagement models including temporary and contractual employment during peak seasons, such as around festivities, as well as permanent positions for more professional services.

And when one has such professional options, to work with, the workforce, and manage payroll and documents, with ease and utmost clarity, there would be no space for Ghost employment. Quality & productivity is the utmost goal.

B)Attrition reduction can happen when there is transparency and improvement of workforce management especially when there is stability in terms of being recognized for their work brings about a sense of job security and loyalty. Rapid changes from the COVID-19 pandemic have adversely affected the supply chain. Features such as corporate learning, lead order tracking, field sales force effectiveness, wellbeing and performance management, Engagement & culture, diversity, inclusion & transparency, analytics & planning, and workplace productivity are gaining attention.

C) If Productivity Enhancement with Technology is a focus, it can adapt to a stronger talent portfolio but also help with payroll, keeping track of attendance and daily productivity using tech-driven tools. 5 reasons why the digital revolution is a must & how Productivity Enhancement with Technology takes place:

. Fundamentally evolving the marketplace engines that operate today are different from yesterday.

. Digital revolution knocks in and the traditional channel is getting obsolete.

. With the consumer revolution and the consumers having the power just a click away, if businesses don’t go digital, they would not withstand opposite of the set waves

. Formalisation of the workforce and digital upgrades to the workforce can engage in cost-effective, time-sensitive, positive impact.

. Managing distribution channels can be challenging however making them more efficient can lead to a boost in profits and a drop in the overall costs.

To speed up the process of connection between delivering the products to the customers and making it profitable, the main goal is not just to find the right customers and locations of demand, but to map the right workforce at the right time and the right place. A distribution channel strategy evaluates ways to improve the positioning of products to boost demand around them.

Statutory Compliance is an important facet that highlights and facilitates the need for the formalisation of the workforce. Also, in light of the rollout of the new labour codes, it’s imperative to focus on compliance norms. The formalisation of workforce will push more manpower and hiring of employees from Tier 1 and 2 cities, which will possibly drive informal employment to formal employment with the support of government initiatives. This comes more directional as the labour code is due to be rolled out. New rules, laws, and regulations can change the way the processes will take place. Technology will bring a formal, long-lasting solution aiding people and processes and will pull those aspects out of a makeshift arrangement.

The Flying Carpet-

Organisations are restructuring their distribution strategies for efficiency and agility. And in order to move toward an omnichannel brand, one must make the right human capital investments now. “Be the game changer in your industry with TeamLease” by Formalising your workforce by bridging the GAPS!

GAPS framework will help facilitate smoother business conduct and operations and drive the formalisation of the workforce. It will help streamline the social security benefits for the larger informal workforce. This would help eliminate complexities associated with setting up and running businesses. The four labour codes envisaged by the government are industrial relations, wages, social security and occupational health safety & working conditions.

The bigger question: Is it possible? Yes, it is, if formalisation of the workforce is done along with digitalisation of the distribution channel, which would be a revolution.

With the increasing demand, the supply and distribution methodologies are needing a revamp. Just the way, the digital revolution which could have otherwise come in ten years from now, is already here, the distribution channel which could have been static as ever already needs a digital distribution channel revolution. The recent past applications, procedures and methodologies are already obsolete. To keep up with the new ways of the world, the vantage point is now and here. All the elements of the value chain have a common denominator of creating jobs for millions of people. But let’s target making the jobs a safe experience to be, for the workforce and the employers, which will lead to a happy ending and 10X growth in the business. Employees would get what they deserve and the businesses would rather look at the picture at large; the workforce formalisation is a monumental change which will lead distribution channels to evolve into omni channels as D2C will gain pace.


Balasubramanian Anantha Narayanan

VP & Business Head
Consumer and Healthcare
TeamLease Services

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