Consumer durables industry: Demand for temporary workers increase in small towns & hinterlands by up to 30% from last year

“The foray of organised retail into tier 2 and 3 towns, rising aspirations and multiple options to finance purchase means companies need more manpower…”

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Staffing Challenges in Consumer Durables & Electronics: 57% Attrition Sparks Urgency

“Attrition is a persistent obstacle that can substantially impact an organization’s bottom line and growth prospects."

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Companies resort to ‘Office Peacocking’ to retain, lure employees back to office

"The 'Office Peacocking' concept gained significant traction in India post-Covid, as companies sought to entice employees back to the office following the remote work shift...

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Indian Employers Gear Up For Workforce Expansion In H1 FY25: Report

“With India forecasted to be the fastest-growing G-20 economy in 2024, coupled with strong investment demand and easing inflation, the job market remains resilient in...

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Workforce crisis hits construction & infra firms like L&T, KEC, HCC

"This summer has been tougher than earlier years to get blue-collared workforce for the construction and infrastructure business and shifting them from many northern regions...

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Growth in Consumer Durables & Electronics: TeamLease Report Highlights 57% Attrition

Temporary roles in high demand include in-store promoters, service technicians, supervisors, sales trainers, channel sales executives, customer support executives, warehouse managers, tele-support executives, and electronics...

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