Festive demand to see addition of 50,000 temporary jobs in BFSI

We are poised for a dynamic job market over the next 5-6 months. Since last month, we have witnessed nearly 25,000 job openings for temporary staffers, and we anticipate these numbers to grow to over 50,000 in the second half of this year

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Understanding the difference between green jobs and ESG jobs

“ESG positions are integral to weaving the fabric of sustainability into the very core of a company's operations. These roles focus on steering the organisation...

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How GenAI could impact jobs in India

"There will most likely be a full replacement of the voice-based BPO industry for customer service. The other sectors to be significantly impacted are information...

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Stay away from ghost jobs to save time, money

"Underprivileged or underqualified candidates looking for better opportunities are easy prey. Some companies create these postings to create an illusion of growth among their investors...

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Shortage of Long-haul Truck Drivers Hits Logistics Industry

“There are about 60 lakh trucks actively being plied on Indian roads. The number of drivers though is roughly about 36 lakhs. The ratio of...

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New government must focus on jobs, get more women to join labour force

"Improving healthcare and housing along migration corridors from UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Bengal and some of the NE states to the western and southern regions...

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