From Remote Hiring To Redesigning Spaces: How Digital Technology Can Change The Way We Work

The demand for particular next-gen skills is getting harder to meet, which makes hiring more difficult. By 2026, India will require 30 million workers with digital skills.

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Campus hirings for entry-level IT jobs could even be 50% less this year

"...companies went ahead with entry-level hiring and spent on L&D and upskilling. That worked for last year."

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India’s Equity Revolution

“India has companies in many sectors (rather than a few selected for competitive advantage), diverse consumer markets (mass production with localisation) and a large services...

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Why Restaurant Industry is Bleeding with Entry Level Workforce

“Factors contributing to this high turnover include erratic working hours and a stressful work environment. The sector's growth has also led to a competitive talent...

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India Inc pushes for temp hires in anticipation of a good summer

"Companies prefer to hire in temp roles because they can scale up and down depending on business outlook..."

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Emerging Technologies: Redefining Manufacturing Roles

“Make in India has garnered notable international interest, drawing investments from global industry leaders across diverse sectors...”

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