From Remote Hiring To Redesigning Spaces: How Digital Technology Can Change The Way We Work

The demand for particular next-gen skills is getting harder to meet, which makes hiring more difficult. By 2026, India will require 30 million workers with digital skills.

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Rising EPFO and NPS subscribers signal surge in formal jobs

“The number of contributing members to PF has been growing at a CAGR of over 20 percent since 2018, whereas the overall workforce has grown...

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Pre-Budget Insights: Industry Leaders Share Their Expectations

“The forthcoming budget must continue to foster an inclusive, stable economic landscape, and most importantly, it must champion the cause of workforce formalisation, a task...

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H1 FY25 Employment Outlook: India Expects 6% Workforce Expansion

The Indian workforce is expected to grow by 6.33% Top New Locations: Coimbatore, Visakhapatnam, Jaipur Bengaluru, July 15, 2024: TeamLease Services' Employment Outlook Report paints...

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Staffing Challenges in Consumer Durables & Electronics: 57% Attrition Sparks Urgency

“Attrition is a persistent obstacle that can substantially impact an organization’s bottom line and growth prospects."

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Companies resort to ‘Office Peacocking’ to retain, lure employees back to office

"The 'Office Peacocking' concept gained significant traction in India post-Covid, as companies sought to entice employees back to the office following the remote work shift...

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