GenZ and finance: Layoffs to continue in 2024 – Here’s how to be financially prepared

“The likelihood of layoffs in India in 2024 is unlikely except for specific sectors being affected. Over 35,000 people have lost their jobs at Indian startups in the last two years. Job cuts might be expected to continue in the startup space into 2024 in the pursuit of profitability.”


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Women Floor the Pedal at Auto Factories

“Major automotive firms are actively seeking to augment their shopfloor workforce with a substantial influx of female employees, aiming for a representative between 30% to...

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HR companies find many GenAI use cases to raise efficiency

“Industrial hiring requirements sometimes span upto 5,000 people to be recruited within a short period of 30 to 60 days...and these are resumes which are...

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Women hiring in Electronics Manufacturing to grow tenfold

"The manufacturing sector, which was usually dominated by men, is seeing an uptick in female hiring in states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and...

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India mobile phone manufacturing industry likely to create up to 2,50,000 jobs in next 12-16 months

“Digitisation has facilitated the development of advanced communication infrastructure and devices. The number of mobile consumers continues to rise daily on a global scale. All...

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Budget 2024: What retail, FMCG sectors expect from the Interim Budget

“Improved rural infrastructure like roads and cold storage facilities could enhance supply chain efficiency and reduce wastage, potentially increasing demand by 10-15% and generating 1-2...

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