Bridging the skill demand-supply gap in solar and green hydrogen sectors

“Companies in the solar and green hydrogen sectors must prioritize skilling and upskilling initiatives to bridge the demand and supply gap…”

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GCC hiring helps maintain revenue run rate as IT firms go slow

“Over the last few quarters, we are able to maintain the run rate mainly because GCC contribution coming into some extent compensating the loss that's...

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Is an MBA worth it for your career goals?

The India Skills Report 2024 indicates that the employability rate of MBA graduates is 71.16%, which is greater than in other disciplines.

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E-commerce demand surges amid heatwave, manpower needs increase

As temperatures rise and demand for goods like ice cream and cold beverages increases, there’s a substantial uptick in the requirement for workers at both...

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Foreign job scams: How to outsmart fraudsters targeting job seekers

"Avoid giving out sensitive personal information, such as your passport or bank details, until you have thoroughly vetted the employer and the job offer..."

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Transforming Apprenticeships in India: TLDA & Genpact’s Joint Initiative

TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship, in conjunction with Genpact, is pleased to announce the groundbreaking initiative to reshape the landscape of apprenticeships in India. With a shared...

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