Temporary hiring soars as heat wave swells up demand for cooling products

Summer season-related temp hiring for after-sales service technicians has crossed pre-pandemic levels at close to 25%, while in-store workforce demand has increased 15-20% over the previous year

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General Elections 2024 generate up to 900,000 temporary jobs

"With over a million polling booths across India, each booth is expected to employ at least 1-2 temporary gig workers for the duration of the...

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Companies shopping for workers floored by women

“Lower attrition and better productivity are major reasons for companies to prefer women in assembly line roles..."

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TeamLease Digital’s latest report reveals overall annual growth of 5.5% in the women’s workforce in tech sector over the next 3 years

17th, April 2024: TeamLease Digital, a tech staffing and solutions provider, has released a detailed report titled Women at the Heart of India’s Digital Evolution....

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Hiring of temporary staff to sell credit cards, personal loans continues to grow

“We have seen a 14-15% year-on-year increase in demand for staffing in the credit cards and personal loans space..."

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Over 80% IIT Delhi Students Get Job Offers, Placements To Continue Till June

“Except for IT which is led by the global drop in tech spending, in all other sectors we are seeing good pickup in hiring numbers...”

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