To Bounce Back Quickly, We Suggest Innovation and Smart Investments in New-found Job Roles

At a crossroads in life when every human being is hoping for better times, even while witnessing suffering at close quarters, income distribution and livelihood sustenance assume far more importance than they ever did. Frontline work, a term that has acquired a new meaning and has come to encompass many more job roles than what the convention demanded, has become an essential and critical service, as much as it has turned hazardous. Remote work (or working from home) has become the mainstay of knowledge work.

It is heartening to note that many business sectors are helping dispel the second-wave gloom that surrounds us in the way they know best – making pay actions that are appreciably higher, than in 2020, and are more effective. Paying forward the incentive to innovate and to grow, these sectors are shining the light at the end of the livelihood tunnel. And the remainder in the sector list we cover are gradually following suit.

Beyond the broad extremes of job categorization TeamLease had found, in our 2020 edition of this report, rare gold in the form of COVID proof job roles and super-specialized job roles – those roles that are critical for business survival and growth and commanding substantial salary increment, and deservedly so, for the coming year. While employers have lowered their lens of scrutiny and are highly selective in rewarding job roles, this big trend continues unabated.

Employers in many sectors are also betting big on innovation and making smart investments in new-found job roles – which we have named “Hot” and “Upcoming” job roles – that will stand them in good stead in the near and not-so-near future. Foresight is a virtue the virus has not been able to take away from the well-meaning amongst us. Technology start-ups are seen to be occupying the front row seats in this spectacle of innovation.

Besides the Covid-warrior fraternity, frontline job roles in conventional business are spearheaded by the Sales and Service functions, and remote work is led by the IT function – all of this across sectors and cities. These droves of talent are keeping the engines running for businesses. And are instrumental in helping businesses effect the pay actions with aplomb.

At TeamLease, we put lives and health above everything else. But we take cognizance of the criticality of livelihoods in a situation of clear and present emergency. We wish our readers and stakeholders, and humanity as a whole, good health and better times.


Click here to read the full report covering all data points and insights


Rituparna Chakraborty

Co-Founder & EVP
TeamLease Services Ltd

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