Putting India Back to Work

The current Covid-19 pandemic is changing the world of work. Employers are being reminded of the need to be more flexible, agile, and fluid. Most importantly, the planet undergoing a mandatory crash course in digital literacy will bring forward massive productivity gains. Within a month, 2020 has become 2030 in terms of digital learning, compliance, payments and e-commerce.

In light of these massive changes, TeamLease has put together this webpage with guidance, POVs, value propositions and our capabilities that can help you in Putting India Back to Work


Since 2004, TeamLease, has been vocal towards need for a;

A) Formalisation B) Industrialisation C) Urbanisation D) Financialisation and E) Human Capital - being key towards creating more formal jobs of dignity and how labour reforms has an important role to play in this journey. It is fulfilling to see our raving, ranting and collaborating with the public policy makers have yielded results by way of passing of the 4 labour codes.

Personal Protective Equipment

TeamLease is determined and prepared to support you in addressing the challenge and maintaining uninterrupted services. We can advise you on employee safety concerns and support you in procuring all necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed across industries, from Digital Thermometers, Protective Visor Shields to Masks, Gloves, etc.