Replacement hiring to overtake growth hiring in pharma industry in India

An article in talks about how there has been a growth in replacement hiring over growth hiring in the sales and marketing departments of pharma companies; along with inputs from Kunal Sen.

Indian pharmaceutical industry continues to show robust growth in hiring compared to other industries in the country. There has been a growth in replacement hiring over growth hiring in the sales and marketing departments of pharma companies, noted Kunal Sen, senior vice president, TeamLease Services Limited.

While the job growth registered in the pharma industry is 14 per cent ending August 2016, the need to fill up the vacancies is expected to go on with companies as they will need to hire to replace employees who have moved out to opt for better avenues, Sen told Pharmabiz.

Pharma industry has been able to sustain its growth. It is the only industry which is proving its mettle even as information technology and banking sectors are reporting a fall in hiring, he said.

Moreover, the talent sourcing in pharma is undergoing a tremendous transformation. The US inspection reports have made Indian pharma industry revise strategies and ramp up methods internally to improve compliances and manufacturing standards. Going forward, much of the volume hiring is expected in the departments of R&D, Quality Assurance, project management, contract manufacturing, regulatory and IP, pointed out Sen.

“We work with leading pharma companies in the country and hire candidates for the industry in the top 8 metro cities. While Mumbai leads in job growth, Bengaluru and Hyderabad take the second and third slots respectively. Our experience has been that the sector is poised for exponential growth in the coming years. There is also a change in the face of hiring. Whiles medical representatives continue to contribute to the bulk of appointments for the pharma industry, the sector is also scouting for experienced and qualified experts to man regulatory and IP domains,” he said.

Another employment avenue is the e: pharmacy platform which is beginning to indicate momentum with a tacit encouragement coming from the government to approve such service platforms. In addition, with a slew of regulations expected from the government we see opportunities in niche segments like clinical research and demand for experts on drugs pricing, noted Sen.

Yet another sector which indicates ample promise of new job opening is the healthcare sector. Here too, the need for trained manpower remains constant. “We see new hospitals, novel medical device companies and early-stage healthcare enterprises requiring both fresh and experienced qualified candidates. Therefore, while pharma industry is perpetually in search of replacements, the healthcare sector is seeking access to better talent to keep pace with innovation and improved medical infrastructure,” Sen said.

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